Our Jobs

We love to find people good jobs and expand their career opportunities!  Our clients need people in many roles and industries, from Manufacturing to Accounting to Healthcare.  Take a look at our current openings, but don’t limit yourself.  We often place people even when we don’t officially have an open position.

Some of the work is temporary – usually one to three months.  Some is temp-to-hire – prove yourself as an Agente employee and you’ll have an opportunity to be hired on as a regular employee of that firm.  We also place people in direct hire roles across the central US and beyond.

How it Works

Apply online to the job opening that’s best for you, be sure you upload a complete resume. Our staff will call you once your application has been received. We will schedule you for an interview in our office. During your interview we will talk about your skills and experience, and begin finding a good fit.


The process for temporary and temp-to-hire roles:

1.    Apply online, including Resume and eligibility for work review

2.    Interview (at Agente Staffing office)

3.    Potential job matching

4.    Drug screening and background check

5.    Training and on-boarding for specific employer, role

6.    First day on the job

For temporary and temp-to-hire roles, we often put people to work within a day or two.  For direct hire placements, we work quickly with our clients to move the interviewing process along, and we keep you informed of progress along the way.

We appreciate the time you invest in becoming an Agente Staffing employee by arriving on time and providing us with required documents and materials.

Once you complete your first weekly pay period – which runs Monday through Sunday – you submit your time to us.  We process payroll and send your funds (if direct deposit) or paycheck for arrival Thursday.  Over time, employees can become eligible for and enroll in benefit programs including:

•      Vacation (PTO) and Holidays

•      Retirement IRA

•      ACA-compliant health plan

•      Allstate voluntary benefits such as Accident, Life, Critical Illness and Disability


Your First Step

Complete online application!

After my first week I had so many doubts that this job wasn’t for me. I was upset and overwhelmed and contemplated looking for a new job. Then the next week I got my first pay stub and I remember the quote you included was something along the lines of “Life will be hard, but give it time and good things will follow.” I turned to my mom and said, “Agente must have known my first week was rough”. It really did make a difference to me.
— Liz W.
I want to thank you for being so kind. My temporary employment was seamless and I truly appreciate it.
— Caitlin F.
I have enjoyed my position over the last year. The Agente staff as well as the client that I have worked for have been a great help to me. I am very appreciative to have had the opportunity to work here.
— Debra W.